The Mississippi State University Libraries is committed to preserving the privacy of the Mississippi State University Institutional Repository (MSU IR) depositors and users. The personal information gathered during the registration process is used solely for the purposes of administering the institutional repository and providing metadata about the material archived in the system. Personal information is collected from the following uses of the MSU IR:

  • Registration as a new depositor
  • Registration as a new user
  • Submission of content and metadata
  • Subscribers to the alerting service

Personal information collected will not be used for any commercial or philanthropic purposes not directly associated with or approved by Mississippi State University.

Mississippi State University Libraries will not disclose or share information about individual visits to the site or any personal information to any outside parties unless required by law or is necessary to protect the rights and property of MSU IR users.

Any MSU IR personal information shared in any publically accessible forum, such as presentations, research papers, reports, or demonstrations, will be scrubbed of any and all references to personal information.