Recent Submissions

  • Feral Pig Data 

    Paolini, Kelsey; Strickland, Bronson; Tegt, Jessica; VerCauteren, Kurt; Street, Garrett (Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureCollege of Forest Resources, 2017-02-01)
  • Problems and Limitations of Long-Term Timberland Leases For Non-Industrial Private Landowners 

    Butler, Stephen M. (Department of ForestryCollege of Forest Resources, 1980)
    Over seven million acres of non-industrial private forest land are controlled by the forest industry under long-term lease agreements. While many landowners appear to be content with these arrangements, others are ...
  • Data and Code for "Net Displacement and Temporal Scaling: Model Fitting, Interpretation, and Implementation" 

    Street, Garrett; Avgar, Tal; Börger, Luca (Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and AquacultureCollege of Forest Resources, 2017)
  • Alternative Mowing Regimes’ Influence on Native Plants and Deer. 

    Guyton, John W.; Jones, Jeanne C.; Entsminger, Edward D. (Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), Jackson, MSDepartment of Wildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureCollege of Forest ResourcesForest and Wildlife Research Center, 2014-07)
    This study evaluated mowing regimes, changes in native and non-native plant communities, deer presence in the research plots,and public perception of various management practices on ROWs. No significant difference was found ...
  • Plant community response to reduced mowing regimens along highway right-of-ways in northeastern Mississippi. 

    Entsminger, Edward D. (ProQuest LLC PublishingDepartment of Wildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureCollege of Forest ResourcesForest and Wildlife Research Center, 2014-06-10)
    I investigated percent coverage, plant height, species richness, and woody stem density in plant communities in ten study plots during spring and fall (2010-2012) within 3 different treatments (continual mowings, one fall ...
  • Activated Carbon Derived from Pyrolyzed Pinewood Char using Elevated Temperature, KOH, H3PO4, and H2O2. 

    Luo, Yan; Street, Jason T.; Steele, Philip H.; Entsminger, Edward D.; Guda, Vamshi K. (BioResourcesDepartment of Sustainable BioproductsCollege of Forest ResourcesForest and Wildlife Research Center, 2016-10-26)
    Activated carbon was prepared from pyrolyzed pinewood char using KOH, H3PO4, H2O2, and heat-only treatments. Activated carbon prepared by the heat-only treatment had a total surface area of 233.2 m2/g, a total pore volume ...
  • Evaluation of Mowing Frequency on Right-of-Way Plant Communities in Mississippi. 

    Entsminger, Edward D.; Jones, Jeanne C.; Guyton, John W.; Strickland, Bronson K.; Leopold, Bruce D. (Journal of Fish and Wildlife ManagementDepartment of Wildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureDepartment of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology and Plant PathologyCollege of Forest ResourcesCollege of Agriculture and Life SciencesForest and Wildlife Research Center, 2017-06-08)
    Native grasses and native wildflowers are declining, especially along roadside right-of-ways because of intensive mowing and herbicide management practices. Roadside right-of-ways undergo regular disturbances such as mowing, ...
  • Altered community flammability in Florida's Apalachicola ravines and implications for the persistence of the endangered conifer Torreya taxifolia. 

    Mola, John M.; Varner, J. Morgan; Jules, Erik S.; Spector, Tova (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of ForestryCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 8/1/2014)
    Plant species and communities often reflect historic fire regimes via ecological and evolutionary responses to recurrent fires. Plant communities of the southeastern USA experience a wide array of fire regimes, perhaps ...
  • Despotism and risk of infanticide influence grizzly bear den-site selection. 

    Libal, Nathan S.; Belant, Jerrold L.; Leopold, Bruce D.; Wang, Guiming; Owen, Patricia A. (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of Wildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureCollege of Forest ResourcesForest and Wildlife Research CenterCarnivore Ecology Laboratory, 9/14/2011)
    Given documented social dominance and intraspecific predation in bear populations, the ideal despotic distribution model and sex hypothesis of sexual segregation predict adult female grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) will avoid ...
  • Overexpression of CONSTANS homologs CO1 and CO2 fails to alter normal reproductive onset and fall bud set in woody perennial poplar. 

    Hsu, Chuan-Yu; Adams, Joshua P.; No, Kyoungok; Liang, Haiying; Meilan, Richard; Pechanova, Olga; Barakat, Abdelali; Carlson, John E.; Page, Grier P.; Yuceer, Cetin (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of ForestryCollege of Forest Resources, 9/19/2012)
    CONSTANS (CO) is an important flowering-time gene in the photoperiodic flowering pathway of annual Arabidopsis thaliana in which overexpression of CO induces early flowering, whereas mutations in CO cause delayed flowering. ...