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    • FlipGrid in the InterACTIVE Library 

      Cotnam, Stephanie (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      This session will assist librarians in setting up their FREE Flipgrid accounts. There will be helpful tips for implementing this program in K-12 settings. Flipgrid allows students to create video reflections. YouTube, ...
    • Introduction to Finding Digital Primary Sources about Mississippi 

      McGillan, Jennifer (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    • Open Educational Resources 

      Jones, Mary Ann (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    • Mackin: Genrefying Fiction Collection 

      Taylor, James (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      Are you thinking about rearranging your library fiction collection by genre? This has become a popular means of bringing new life and attention back into your library by helping to empower your students to quickly find the ...
    • Easy Money for School Libraries: Taking the Fear Out of Grant Writing 

      Parnell, Amber (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      Ever wondered how to get extra money for your library? This insightful workshop will provide you with practical grant opportunities and simple tips for writing them. Grant writing does not have to be intimidating. There ...
    • What Libraries of the Future Look Like Now 

      Jordan, Vince (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      Libraries around the country have been transforming themselves into more than a place where students go to find written texts. Lobaki is working with school libraries around the country to transform them into VRLabs and ...
    • Free Tech Tools for the Library: Green Screen, QR Codes, and Screencasting 

      Cotnam, Stephanie (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      This session will look at three tools that can be combined to create innovative materials for the library. Invite students to share their creativity, favorite books, and more with these FREE tech tools.
    • Classic Retellings and Special Collections 

      Renfroe, Eles (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      "A novel setting, a different perspective, or even a different genre can offer unexpected insights into established stories" (Library Journal Reviews). This session will offer you an extensive list of YA retellings that ...
    • Library Learning Standards 

      Simmons, Elizabeth (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      Round table discussion on the implementation of College- and Career-Readiness Library Learning Standards that support the AASL's National School Library Standards for Learners as well as the Mississippi College- and ...
    • Library Audit 

      Simmons, Elizabeth (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
      Explanation of what is required from the librarian and library during a Mississippi Department of Education Audit. Librarians will walk through the audit checklist as well as learn how to create a documentation notebook.
    • Finding Public Domain and Creative Commons Images 

      Kennedy, Corinne (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    • Stone (John Marshall) collection 

      Unknown author (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2020-03-09)
      Volumes consist of letters, speeches, and correspondence from the time when John Marshall Stone was Governor of Mississippi, and when he ran for Senator of Mississippi. The volumes give examples of speeches given by Stone, ...
    • MSU, The Library Experience - 2020 - Promotional Flyer 

      Delgado, LaDonne (University Libraries, 2020)
    • Program for 14th annual Charles H. Templeton Ragtime & Jazz Festival 

      Unknown author (University Libraries, 2020-02-27)
    • Fridge, B. F. papers 

      Unknown author (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2020-02-19)
      The Fridge Collection contains letters between Progressive Party leaders and Benjamin F. Fridge in relation to his trip to speak at the Progressive Convention between July 2-3, 1913. The collection also contains his speech ...
    • Embry (Kenneth Drake) papers 

      Unknown author (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2020-01-29)
      The papers of Kenneth Drake Embry consist of genealogical records of the Embry family, partial maps of Oktibbeha County, various photographs, and a congressional record of the speech of John E. Rankin on the Tennessee-Tombigbee ...
    • Bailey, John collection 

      Unknown author (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2020-01-13)
      The John Bailey Collection is organized thematically into five series: Series 1: Clerk of the House, Series 2: Justice of the Peace, Series 3: Reform School of the District of Columbia, Series 4: Currency, and Additional ...
    • Anderson, Lena Bell Clayton scrapbook 

      Unknown author (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2020-02-19)
      The collection contains a historical and political scrapbook with political notes for Governor James K. Vardaman, Senator Leroy Percy, Governor Theodore G. Bilbo, Senator James Gordon, and other political figures. Subjects ...
    • MSU, The Library Experience - 2019 - Program 

      Delgado, LaDonne (University Libraries, 2019-10-29)
    • MSU, The Library Experience - 2018 - Program 

      Delgado, LaDonne (University Libraries, 2018-11-14)