Recent Submissions

  • Characterization of dissolved organic matter and determination of its biogeochemical significance in coastal and inland water bodies 

    Manalilkada Sasidharan, Sankar (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of GeosciencesCollege of Arts and Sciences, 6/25/2019)
    Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a major component of natural waters and provides essential nutrients for aquatic organisms. However, excess DOM in the water results in water quality issues and affects the aquatic life ...
  • Guidance Counselor Survey 

    Justice, Cheryl; Sherman-Morris, Kathleen; Hall, Kimberly (Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and FoundationsDepartment of GeosciencesCollege of Arts & SciencesCollege of EducationMSU-Meridian, 2015)
    This is a survey created to study guidance/career counselor opinions about the geosciences and other STEM fields, and the career counseling activities they use.