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The MegaResource School Librarian Workshop series began in 1999 as a series of workshop sessions, developed and presented by Mississippi State University Libraries, for school librarians throughout the state of Mississippi. Designed to cover topics related to technology, instruction, and online databases, these workshops continue to serve as a major outreach effort to the K-12 community. We continue to develop these workshops and welcome suggestions for future sessions!

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Recent Submissions

  • Makers Gonna Make 

    Gaines, Jenna (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Learn how to establish a Makerspace to transform your library into a Learning Commons.
  • Step Up Your STEM Centers 

    Gaines, Jenna (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Learn how to incorporate STEM challenges into your literacy centers to engage your 21st century learners.
  • These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…YA Books 

    Dennis, Janet; Lansdale, Lisa (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    This session focuses on current Young Adult books and series that are fun for book talks and book trailers in hopes of inspiring students to read for entertainment. This will be followed by a round table discussion sharing ...
  • Fake or Fact? Tools for Combating Online Disinformation 

    Downey, Beth (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    The term “fake news” has proliferated over the last few years and can manifest in many forms: parody and satire taken out of context, misinformation campaigns, media manipulation, and more. Fake news can lead to real ...
  • Marketing Your Library 

    Dennis, Janet; Lansdale, Lisa
    In this session, we will discuss different activities one school has incorporated into the library program to help bring faculty and students into the library media center.
  • FlipGrid in the InterACTIVE Library 

    Cotnam, Stephanie (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    This session will assist librarians in setting up their FREE Flipgrid accounts. There will be helpful tips for implementing this program in K-12 settings. Flipgrid allows students to create video reflections. YouTube, ...
  • Introduction to Finding Digital Primary Sources about Mississippi 

    McGillan, Jennifer (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
  • Open Educational Resources 

    Jones, Mary Ann (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
  • Mackin: Genrefying Fiction Collection 

    Taylor, James (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Are you thinking about rearranging your library fiction collection by genre? This has become a popular means of bringing new life and attention back into your library by helping to empower your students to quickly find the ...
  • Easy Money for School Libraries: Taking the Fear Out of Grant Writing 

    Parnell, Amber (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Ever wondered how to get extra money for your library? This insightful workshop will provide you with practical grant opportunities and simple tips for writing them. Grant writing does not have to be intimidating. There ...
  • What Libraries of the Future Look Like Now 

    Jordan, Vince (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Libraries around the country have been transforming themselves into more than a place where students go to find written texts. Lobaki is working with school libraries around the country to transform them into VRLabs and ...
  • Free Tech Tools for the Library: Green Screen, QR Codes, and Screencasting 

    Cotnam, Stephanie (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    This session will look at three tools that can be combined to create innovative materials for the library. Invite students to share their creativity, favorite books, and more with these FREE tech tools.
  • Classic Retellings and Special Collections 

    Renfroe, Eles (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    "A novel setting, a different perspective, or even a different genre can offer unexpected insights into established stories" (Library Journal Reviews). This session will offer you an extensive list of YA retellings that ...
  • Library Learning Standards 

    Simmons, Elizabeth (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Round table discussion on the implementation of College- and Career-Readiness Library Learning Standards that support the AASL's National School Library Standards for Learners as well as the Mississippi College- and ...
  • Library Audit 

    Simmons, Elizabeth (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
    Explanation of what is required from the librarian and library during a Mississippi Department of Education Audit. Librarians will walk through the audit checklist as well as learn how to create a documentation notebook.
  • Finding Public Domain and Creative Commons Images 

    Kennedy, Corinne (University Libraries, 2/14/2020)
  • Program for MSU Libraries MegaResource School Librarian Workshop #20 

    Mississippi State University Libraries (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2020-02-14)
  • Igniting the Spark: Making a Makerspace Work for You 

    Lott, Elizabeth; Montgomery, Stephanie; Hunt, Leslie (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2019-02-28)
  • Using Images and Media in the Classroom and Online 

    Holland, Claudia (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2019-02-28)
  • Teaching Students How to Manage Their Online Presence 

    Downey, Elizabeth (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2019-02-28)

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