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    • Characterization of Pyridostatin and its Interactions with c-MYC G-Quadruplexes 

      Gaerlan, Oliver Mikhail H.; Cuny, Zachary G. (Mississippi State UniversityJudy and Bobby Shackouls Honors CollegeJudy and Bobby Shackouls Honors CollegeOffice of Undergraduate ResearchHonors Office of Undergraduate Research, 2016)
    • Measurement of Material Thickness Using X-ray Attenuation 

      Travis, Holly; Gaerlan, Oliver Mikhail H. (Mississippi State UniversityJudy and Bobby Shackouls Honors CollegeDepartment of Physics and AstronomyJudy and Bobby Shackouls Honors CollegeCollege of Arts and SciencesHonors Office of Undergraduate Research, 2017)
      The experiment will measure the thickness of a thin aluminum foil by sending a beam of x-rays through the foil. The thickness of the foil is related to the difference in the intensity of x-rays that pass through the aluminum ...