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    • A Process for Hydrogenation of Silicon Carbide Crystals 

      Rao, Yeswanth Lakshman
      Doping control is the most important technology for any semiconductor system. In spite of significant progress in the doping of SiC, advancements are needed in the growth techniques and dopant incorporation. During processes ...
    • Implant Annealing of Sic in a Silane Ambient 

      Kumar, Vivek.
      The goal of this research project was to develop a new implant annealing process using silane overpressure to maintain crystal integrity. After ion implantation the surface of the SiC wafer is damaged due to high energy ...
    • Utilizing Standard Cmos Process Floating Gate Devices for Analog Design 

      Killens, Jacob
      This thesis examines a floating gate device (FGD) structure available under standard (digital) CMOS manufacturing processes and puts forth two applications for these devices. The first application is the creation of a ...