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    • Stallion sperm transcriptome comprises functionally coherent coding and regulatory RNAs as revealed by microarray analysis and RNA-seq. 

      Das, Pranab J.; McCarthy, Fiona M.; Vishnoi, Monika; Paria, Nandina; Gresham, Cathy; Li, Gang; Kachroo, Priyanka; Sudderth, A. Kendrick; Teague, Sheila; Love, Charles C.; Varner, Dickson D.; Chowdhary, Bhanu P.; Raudsepp, Terje (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of Basic SciencesDepartment of Computer Sciences and EngineeringCollege of Veterinary MedicineJames Worth Bagley College of Engineering, 2/11/2013)
      Mature mammalian sperm contain a complex population of RNAs some of which might regulate spermatogenesis while others probably play a role in fertilization and early development. Due to this limited knowledge, the biological ...