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    • Cotton experiments 1916. 

      Smith, W. H.; Lloyd, E. R.; Ricks, J. R.; Hand, W. F.; Moore, J. S.; McKay, A. B.; Harned, R. W.; Scoates, Daniels; Brown, H. B.; Ranck, E. M.; Briscoe, C. F.; Beal, J. M.; Tomlinson, C. W.; Gayle, H. K.; Clayton, E. P.; Hanson, N. F.; Jerdan, S. S.; Bailey, John Wendell; Gay, Sidney; McIlwain, D. W.; Kean, J. C.; Gill, W. C.; Ferris, Eugene Beverly; Ames, C. T.; Walker, G. B. (Mississippi Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1916-12)