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    • Implication of lateral genetic transfer in the emergence of Aeromonas hydrophila isolates of epidemic outbreaks in channel catfish. 

      Hossain, Mohammad J.; Waldbieser, Geoffrey C.; Sun, Dawei; Capps, Nancy K.; Hemstreet, William B.; Carlisle, Kristen; Griffin, Matt J.; Khoo, Lester; Goodwin, Andrew E.; Sonstegard, Tad S.; Schroeder, Steven; Hayden, Karl; Newton, Joseph C.; Terhune, Jeffery S.; Liles, Mark R. (Public Library of ScienceCollege of Veterinary Medicine, 11/20/2013)
      To investigate the molecular basis of the emergence of Aeromonas hydrophila responsible for an epidemic outbreak of motile aeromonad septicemia of catfish in the Southeastern United States, we sequenced 11 A. hydrophila ...