• Walden (Green B.) family papers 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 287. 1859-1894. 0.16 cubic feet. Letters (1872, 1880, 1886), 2 statements (1880, 1884) made to Comptons, 2 doctors receipts (1861, 1894), 5 fragments, 1 pair of glasses, Green B. Walden diary (1859-1860). Content ...
    • Walking on the wild side: an examination of a long-distance hiking subculture 

      Fondren, Kristi McLeod
      A great deal of previous sociological research has examined the social contours of subcultures, focusing either on highly transient subcultures (e.g., among youth) or, conversely, stable institutionalized subcultures (e.g., ...
    • War letters 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 288. 1918-1945. 0.01 cubic feet: 4 items. 3 letters, including one V-mail letter, and one poem.
    • Washington County soils 

      Vanderford, Harvey B. (Mississippi State University Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1959-10)
    • Water Quality, Modeling, And Land Use Investigations In The Upper Pearl River Basin Of East-Central Mississippi 

      Tagert, Mary Love Mortimer
      Little historical water quality data is available for the Upper Pearl River Basin (UPRB), yet there are UPRB waters listed as impaired. Objectives of this research were to measure pesticide and sediment concentrations in ...
    • Waterfowl foods and use in managed grain sorghum and other habitats in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley 

      Wiseman, Alicia Joy
      Grain sorghum provides energy-rich seeds for waterfowl. I conducted experiments in 22 sorghum fields in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana during falls 2006 – 2007 to evaluate abundance of ratoon grain (i.e., second crop ...
    • Waterhammer modeling for the Ares I Upper Stage Reaction Control System cold flow development test article 

      Williams, J. Hunter
      The Upper Stage Reaction Control System provides in-flight three-axis attitude control for the Ares I Upper Stage. The system design must accommodate rapid thruster firing to maintain proper launch trajectory and thus allow ...
    • Watermarking With Wavelet Transforms 

      Parker, Kristen Michelle
      Digital watermarking algorithms based on wavelet transforms provide increased performance and perceptual quality. This thesis proposes two wavelet-based schemes: one robust and one fragile. Robust watermarks should withstand ...
    • Watermelon hybrids 

      Ivanoff, S. S.; Albritton, Robert C. (Mississippi Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1962-04)
    • Watermelon transplants for healthier, earlier and more profitable crops 

      Ivanoff, S. S.; Albritton, Robert C.; Blount, Clyde L.; Waggoner, B. E. (Mississippi State University Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1960-01)
    • Watershed-scale sediment movement in relation to in-stream water quality:pre- and post-harvest observations 

      Hamiter, Bonnie Leigh (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Forestry., 2009-03-24)
      Sediment is a leading contributor to nonpoint source (NPS) pollution in streams and rivers. Sources and sinks of sediment movement were identified for a 121-hectare watershed located in Webster County, Mississippi in order ...
    • Watkins (Dr. William B.) ledgers 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 336. 1872-1937. 0.12 cubic feet Daily account ledgers of Dr. Watkins of Big Springs, Mississippi, formerly in Chickasaw County and now in Clay County, including one daily medical account ledger, 1872-1873. Patients ...
    • Watson (Mrs. Henry Duke II) and Wallace (Mrs. Charles Wallace) papers 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 342. 1874-1974, scattered. 0.66 cubic feet. Family papers concerning the Watson and Wallace families of Strong, Mississippi. Includes: account books of the Strong Community Store, 1900s, 1911-1912 and an account book, ...
    • Wave Forces On Bridges 

      Dickey, Mary-Margaret
      From this review, a FORTRAN code was developed that generates time and position dependent distributed loads based on linear wave theory for shallow water conditions. The routine was integrated into to the Abaqus finite ...
    • Waveform selection to maximize detecting and tracking insects using harmonic oscillators 

      Sewell, Dylan (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Electrical and Computer EngineeringJames Worth Bagley College of EngineeringOffice of the Graduate School, 2019)
      The honey bee is one of the most important crop pollinating insects in the world. Researchers have recently identified a disease that has begun to impact the honey bee population. Colony Collapse Disorder results in the ...
    • Waverley Mansion collection 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 325. 1836-1982. 1 cubic foot. Papers and photographs concerning the antebellum plantation Waverley, which was built in Clay County, Mississippi, in the 1850s by George Hampton Young.
    • We are all going through recovery: College students and their family members navigate the recovery process 

      Pylate, Leah Bethany Poole
      A strong social support network can be important to an individual’s recovery from addiction of alcohol, drugs, or another addictive behavior. A Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) can provide college students an opportunity ...
    • We are clay people: the struggle against Choctaw communal dissolution, 1801-1861 

      Cheek, Gary Coleman
      Acculturation has become an integral part of scholarship about Native Americans in the Southeast. Recent studies have focused on trade the eighteenth century and Choctaw entry into the American market economy during the ...
    • We'D Love To Have You On Our Show 

      Aiken, Alicia Denai
      We'd Love to Have You on Our Show is a collection of short fiction preceded by a critical introduction. The stories share a thematic bond in that that all of the protagonists are either obsessed with or could be guests on ...
    • Weather records at State College, Miss. 

      McWhorter, John C. (Mississippi State College Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1955-02)