• Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli production in Mississippi 

      Thomas, W.O. (Mississippi State University Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1961-03)
    • Cage versus floor operation for the production of commercial eggs 

      Hill, James E.; Albritton, Robert C.; Dreesen, Lester J. (Mississippi State College Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1957-05)
    • Calhoun County (Mississippi) church records 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 120. 1880-1975. 1 reel microfilm. New Liberty Missionary Baptist Church Records, 1904-1930, 1956-1975; Mt. Herman Primitive Baptist Church Records, 1880-1926, 1926-1955; Homewell Association of Primitive Baptists ...
    • Calibration tables for power sprayers 

      Wooten, O. B.; Holstun, J. T. Jr. (Mississippi State University Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1965-03)
    • Calorimetric studies of histone H1 interactions with calf thymus DNA 

      Jones, Sarah Elizabeth (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Chemistry., 2011-04-29)
      In this study we have used isothermal titration calorimetry, ITC, and circular dichroism spectropolarimetry, CD, to directly measure the thermodynamics and the structural changes for binding histones, H11 and H14, to DNA. ...
    • Cameron (Mack) papers 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 50. 0.33 cubic feet. Material used for Mack Cameron's thesis, the case of Henry Bucklow (Jones County, Mississippi). Restricted until 2044.
    • Cammack (Abner) collection 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 164. 1883-1886. 0.33 cubic feet. Records of the C.D. Benton & Company plantation store at Burnett, Louisiana include letter book, 1883-1886, with copies of correspondence relating to supplies and cotton sales; ledger ...
    • Camp Ground Methodist Church (Pontotoc, Mississippi) records 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 165. 1850-1870. 0.04 cubic feet: 1 item. Class book of the school affiliated with Camp Ground Methodist Church, Pontotoc, Mississippi.
    • Campbell (C. H. "Sgt") letter 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 554. 1861. 0.01 cubic feet: 2 items. Letter from C.H. Campbell from "Carters Mills, near Leesburg, Va.," November 12, 1861 to "Dear Parents." Concerns fighting, the company and its leadership, weather conditions, ...
    • Campus emergency evacuation traffic management plan 

      Wu, Di (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering., 3/30/2009)
      This thesis was motivated to simulate the evacuation traffic of Mississippi Stated University (MSU) main campus using the Path-Following logic of TSIS/CORSIM and to evaluate a set of traffic management plans. Three scenarios ...
    • Campus planning and design: exploring the programmatic elements involved in creating residential campus courtyards 

      Mahadin, Tariq (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Landscape Architecture., 2011-06-03)
      This thesis peruses the programmatic elements that are considered and implemented by designers and administrators and whether these elements contribute to creating successful residential campus courtyards in the southeast ...
    • Capers (Charlotte) photographs 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 415. 1938-1983. 0.01 cubic feet. Photographs of Charlotte Capers, former director and longtime staff member of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi. Original photographs are housed ...
    • Capital and punishment:supporting the death of deterrence 

      Cook, Amanda Paige (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work., 2007-04-26)
      Previous research has examined certainty and severity of punishment as serving a deterrent function. This research examines the effects of economic, cultural, and social capital, as well as the effects of certainty, severity, ...
    • Capps (George F.) letters 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 166. 1860-1869. 0.04 cubic feet and 1 reel microfilm. Letters, certificate of the George F. Capps family include three letters written during the Civil War from George F. Capps of the 42nd Alabama Infantry, Company ...
    • Carbon sequestration resulting from bottomland hardwood afforestation in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (LMAV) 

      Nero, Bertrand Festus (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Forestry., 2009-03-26)
      The objective of this study was to examine some mechanisms of bottomland hardwood afforestation and their impacts on above- and belowground carbon sequestration. Six combinations of bottomland hardwood species and two ...
    • Cardiac fibroblast-dependent extracellular matrix accumulation is associated with diastolic stiffness in type 2 diabetes. 

      Hutchinson, Kirk R.; Lord, C. Kevin; West, T. Aaron; Stewart, James A. (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of Biological SciencesCollege of Arts and Sciences, 8/21/2013)
      Cardiovascular complications are a leading cause of death in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Diastolic dysfunction is one of the earliest manifestations of diabetes-induced changes in left ventricular (LV) ...
    • Career paths, barriers, and professional experiences: a comparison study of African American community college presidents and white community college presidents 

      Bradley, Cedric Andreas
      The community college is one of the most diverse institutions of higher learning in regards to the make-up of its student population. However, with such a large representation of diversity within its student population, ...
    • Carothers (Kate) music book 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 167. 1 volume. Music album of Kate C. Carothers includes early southern music. List of titles available. Part of Music Collection.
    • Carpenter (James A.) miscellaneous collection 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 168. 1800-1958. 0.33 cubic feet. Diary, correspondence, clippings, receipts, photographs, newspapers, postcards, leather wallet, and writing case. Among the items are Walter Baker's Civil War diary, accounts of the ...