• Small Grain Seed Production 

      Baskin, C.C.
    • Small grains in Mississippi. 

      Unknown author (Mississippi State College Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1956-12)
    • Small Signal And Transient Stability Analysis Of Mvdc Shipboard Power System 

      Rudraraju, Seetharama Raju
      Recent developments in high power rated Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) have resulted in their successful application in Multi-Terminal HVDC (MTDC) transmission systems and also have potential in the Medium Voltage DC ...
    • Smith (Frank E.) collection 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 94. 1962-1973. 22 cubic feet. Collection of Frank Smith (1918-1997) includes the following: material pertaining to Mr. Smith's work with TVA; material accumulated as a result of his service on the Southern Regional ...
    • Smith (Isaac) letters 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 271. 1821-1893. 0.33 cubic feet. Twenty-seven letters, three other papers, one small autograph book, chiefly about family, farming, slaves in Carroll, Holmes, and Lawrence Counties in Mississippi and Alexandria, Louisiana.
    • Snap beans 

      Ferris, Eugene Beverly (Mississippi Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1909-12)
    • Snowfall, Tornadoes, and Teleconnections: A Correlational Study of Weather Patterns in the Southeastern United States 

      Leech, Keith O
      Correlation tests were run on yearly snowfall and tornado activity data collected between water-years 1965/66 and 2010/11. Snowfall activity was evaluated using two separate measurements, which included snowfall days and ...
    • SNP characterizaiton and genetic and molecular analysis of mutants affecting fiber development in cotton 

      An, Chuanfu (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Plant and Soil Sciences., 3/30/2008)
      Cotton (Gossypium spp.) is the world’s leading textile fiber crop, and an important source of oil and protein. Insufficient candidate gene derived-markers suitable for genetic mapping and limited information on genes that ...
    • So You Want to Be a Seedman 

      McGowan, W. G. (Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1951)
    • A Social and Economic Portrait of the Mississippi Delta 

      Cosby, Arthur G.; Brackin, Mitchell W.; Mason, T. David; McCulloch, Eunice R. (Social Science Research CenterMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment StationSocial Science Research Center; Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1992-12)
      The ultimate goal of the study was to improve the quality of life in a region where, in spite of rich natural resources, large numbers of people still live in poverty. The Project was to carry out a fundamental assessment ...
    • Social Capital Determinants Of Environmentalism In Spatial Context 

      Steil, Kim Marie
      Sociological studies of society-environment interactions are based on a premise that population well-being is dependent on the environment. Here, I argue that not only are people innately connected to the environment, but ...
    • Social Effects of Government Land Purchase 

      Nichols, Ralph R.; King, Jr., Morton B.
    • Social effects of government land purchase 

      Nichols, Ralph R.; King, Morton B. Jr. (Mississippi State College Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1943-06)
    • Social Functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Effects of Equine-Assisted Activities 

      McCormick, Kate
      This pilot study examined the effect of participation in an equine-assisted activities (EAA) program on the social functioning of participants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Pre- and post-assessments via the Naples ...
    • Social Media for K12 Libraries 

      Kathuria, Sheeji (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2017-02-10)
    • Social Network Influence on Dependence Within Romantic Relationships 

      Ellithorpe, Chelsea Nicole
      Research shows that friend/family opinions influence romantic relationships, with approval leading to positive outcomes (e.g, increased intimacy) and disapproval leading to negative outcomes (e.g., couple dissolution). The ...
    • Social Networking Systems Success Model: Assessment And Validation Of The Is Success Model In Social Context 

      French, Aaron Michael
      Developments such as the ubiquity of electronic networks and the breadth of digital platforms beyond simple forums have lead to major economic and social transformations worldwide (Agarwal et al, 2008). This research will ...
    • Social Science Research Center Brochure 

      Lear, Jordan; Walton, Laura R.; Humphrey, M.B.; Schooler, Kyle (Social Science Research CenterSocial Science Research CenterSocial Science Research Center, 2011-08)
      This brochure for the Social Science Research Center (SSRC) features details about the SSRC's history, projects, research questions, internal and external sponsors, and features a letter from the director, Dr. Arthur Cosby.
    • Social Science Research Center: Sixty Years of Commitment to Innovation & Excellence 

      Puhr, Jennifer (Mississippi State University Social Science Research CenterSocial Science Research CenterSocial Science Research Center, 2010)
      This edition shares the story of the Social Science Research Center, as told by those who know it best - the research fellows, research associates, research assistants, support staff, graduate students, and undergraduate ...
    • Socialization of Coping: Influence of Parental Mental Health and Parenting Practices 

      Kwan, Janet W.
      Socialization of coping is the idea that child coping methods are learned through parents’ modeling of response to stressors. Literature has examined how various aspects of parenting quality may influence their children’s ...