• Glacier change assessment of the Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canada (1985 – 2018) 

      Intsiful, Adjoa Dwamena
      Glaciers adjust their sizes as a response to changing climatic conditions which make them a good indicator of climate change. Remote-sensing based glacier monitoring provides a robust way to inventory the health of glaciers ...
    • Glanders 

      Butler, Tait (Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1891-09)
    • Glee, Flash Mobs, and the Creation of Heightened Realities 

      Downey, Elizabeth (RoutledgeUniversity Libraries, 9/20/2016)
      The television series Glee managed to succeed where other musical television series failed. This can be partially attributed to the emergence of flash mob culture and social media in the same time period, which created a ...
    • Global analysis of lysine acetylation suggests the involvement of protein acetylation in diverse biological processes in rice (Oryza sativa). 

      Nallamilli, Babi Ramesh Reddy; Edelmann, Mariola J.; Zhong, Xiaoxian; Tan, Feng; Mujahid, Hana; Zhang, Jian; Nanduri, Bindu; Peng, Zhaohua (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyCollege of Agriculture and Life SciencesInstitute for Genomics, Biocomputing and Biotechnology, 2/20/2014)
      Lysine acetylation is a reversible, dynamic protein modification regulated by lysine acetyltransferases and deacetylases. Recent advances in high-throughput proteomics have greatly contributed to the success of global ...
    • Global Operation of Integrated Decentralized Power Systems 

      Ghehi, Mojtaba Khanabadi
      Nowadays, power systems are interconnected together to provide a reliable and secure source of the energy to the consumers and operate in lower operating cost than if they being run separately. As the most important reason ...
    • Global Synchronization of Asynchronous Computing Systems 

      Barnes, Richard Neil, II
      The MSU ERC UltraScope system consists of a distributed computing system, custom PCI cards, GPS receivers, and a re-radiation system. The UltraScope system allows precision timestamping of events in a distributed application ...
    • Glyphosate Tolerance in Roundup Ready Flex Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) 

      Huff, Jonathan Andrew (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of Plant and Soil Sciences., 2007-04-09)
      Due to reduced reproductive tolerance, current Roundup Ready cotton only allows for over-the-top glyphosate applications through the fourth leaf stage of development. To combat this issue, Roundup Ready Flex cotton was ...
    • GMD and 33X Examples for the MLP 

      Hoover, Lona (University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2015-01-20)
      RDA cataloging information and the new GMD (general material designation) terms for use in the Mississippi Library Partnership are organized below by item types used in SIRSI WorkFlows. Catalog record samples include ...
    • GMD or no GMD: one library's approach to RDA conversion 

      Kalwara, Jim (University Libraries, 1/9/2016)
      In March 2013, Resource Description and Access (RDA) was adopted as the new standard set to eventually replace the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2nd Edition. This standard would not only impact Mississippi State University ...
    • GMDs Mapped in Online Catalog for MLP 

      Winger, Anita; Dale, Melody (University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2015-01-20)
    • GML Represntation for Interoperable Spatial Data Exchange in a Mobile Mapping Application 

      Kanaparthy, Venu Madhav Singh.
      Geographic information is critical to GIS applications located remotely for executing business operations. GIS applications need to interoperate to be able to share information for analysis and decision making process. ...
    • Good dirt roads for Mississippi 

      Fox, J. W.; Hutchinson, W. L. (Mississippi Agricultural Experiment StationMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1901-04)
    • Goodbye Town 

      Barber, Kathryn M.
      My collection of short stories is set in the fictional town of Lockswood Gap, Tennessee, and centers around the lives of four women. Through various points of view and story lengths, I interweave several story lines to ...
    • Goodness-Of-Fit Test for Hazard Rate 

      Vital, Ralph-Antoine
      In certain areas such as Pharmacokinetic(PK) and Pharmacodynamic(PD), the hazard rate function, denoted by ??, plays a central role in modeling the instantaneous risk of failure time data. In the context of assessing the ...
    • A goodness-of-fit test for semi-parametric copula models for bivariate censored data 

      Shin, Jimin
      In this thesis, we suggest a goodness-of-fit test for semi-parametric copula models. We extended the pseudo in-and-out-sample (PIOS) test proposed in [17], which is based on the PIOS test in [28]. The PIOS test is constructed ...
    • Google Sites 

      La Foe, Thomas (Mississippi State University LibrariesUniversity Libraries, 2017-02-10)
    • Gopher tortoises in the Anthropocene: investigating the effects of fire, temperature, and competition on an ecosystem engineer 

      Thompson, Weston Curtis
      Gopher tortoises are ecosystem engineers whose burrows provide habitat to >350 species. Prescribed fire is used to manage tortoise habitat, but fire timing is mostly restricted to the vegetative dormant season. Restricted ...
    • Gordon, Jr., Carl J. "Jack" collection 

      Mississippi State University Libraries; Gordon, Carl J., Jr.
      The Jack Gordon Collection contains materials relating to the life and career of Mississippi State Senator Carl J. "Jack" Gordon, Jr. The collection contains newspaper clippings focusing on Gordon's legislative career, ...
    • Got Shame? 

      Mathers, Scott Alden
      This secondary analysis represents a cross-sectional quantitative test of Reintegrative Shaming Theory (Braithwaite 1989) on inmates in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. The sample consists of 726 questionnaires ...