• Yellow Fever in Grenada, 1878 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 306. 1878. 0.16 cubic feet. Copies of letters and documents to and from members of the Yellow Fever Relief Committee and the Sub-Relief Committee, 1878.
    • Yellow Fever in Natchez, 1823, a History 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 307. 1823. 0.08 cubic feet. Copy of a history of the August-October 1823 yellow fever epidemic in Natchez, Mississippi, written by Henry Tooley.
    • Young (Thomas) papers 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 308. 1818-1918. 0.33 cubic feet. Correspondence, land deeds, financial papers, and C. S. A. bills, 1862. Primarily concern the business affairs of Dr. Thomas Young (1801-1870), a physician formerly of South Carolina, ...
    • Young (William Humphreys) letters 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 309. 1862-1865. 0.33 cubic feet. 27 typescript letters of Lieutenant Young, 5th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment, Company B, to his wife in Carroll County, Mississippi, from Grenada, Greenwood, North Mississippi, and Camp ...
    • Your heritage will still remain:southern identity formation in Mississippi from the sectional conflict through the lost cause 

      Goleman, Michael J. (Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of History., 2010-06-17)
      The following study traces the transformation of an American identity from the sectional conflict through the end of the nineteenth century in an effort to understand how that identity eventually changed into something ...
    • Zebrafish kidney phagocytes utilize macropinocytosis and Ca+-dependent endocytic mechanisms. 

      Hohn, Claudia; Lee, Sang-Ryul; Pinchuk, Lesya M.; Petrie-Hanson, Lora (Public Library of ScienceDepartment of Basic SciencesCollege of Veterinary Medicine, 2/2/2009)
      BACKGROUND: The innate immune response constitutes the first line of defense against invading pathogens and consists of a variety of immune defense mechanisms including active endocytosis by macrophages and granulocytes. ...
    • Zoonotic risk of emerging influenza viruses from domestic animals 

      Blackmon, Sherry
      Influenza poses a significant global health risk due to the high morbidity and mortality associated with endemic strains and the pandemic potential of novel strains. This research characterizes the zoonotic risk of emerging ...
    • Zucker (C. B. M.) diary 

      Mississippi State University Libraries
      MSS. 310. 1917-1944. 0.16 cubic feet. Account of voyage on boat during war, 1917. Also correspondence relating to C.B. Zucker and his son, Julius, 1917-1944.